Engage your customers and boost profits!

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Let your guests be the DJ!

Transform your PC or TV screen into a Social Video Jukebox that you and your guests can control using your smartphones as remotes. Launch the app and hurl your favorite viral videos to the big screen for everyone to enjoy!

Don't like it? Skip it!

Additional videos are added to the shared queue and play once the current clip finishes, or gets voted out of the spotlight. Users can interact with videos via likes/dislikes, pop-up comments and "skip votes", which stop boring videos dead in their tracks and launch the next clip in the queue!

Any device, any network, any screen

The hurl app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. It doesn't matter whether your guests are on the same wi-fi network as the big screen or connecting using their smartphone's 3G/4G signal. For hosts, any web-enabled PC or TV can be used as a hurl screen.

Your screen, your rules

As the screen's owner you get to customize settings like password protection, queue limits and explicit content restrictions. Everything from the screen's name to banned video lists are under your control.

Try it now!

Click here to launch a screen and download the hurl smartphone app from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone 8 marketplace. Hurl on!